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HTML5 viewer

Publish on the web with HTML5 viewer. Your publication will be available on desktops and mobile devices with major browser.

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Distribute your publication on major mobile platforms with Android and iOS applications. Keep your readers who are on the go.

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Plans & Pricing


$29.00 / monthShow details

Upload and share
  • Professional editors
  • Interactive content and chapters
  • Configurable viewer
  • Social and website sharing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Multi-user account
  • Limited statistics


$109.00 / monthShow details

Earn on publication
  • Free features
  • Privacy settings
  • Access settings
  • Advanced statistics


$269.00 / monthShow details

Mobile applications
  • Basic features
  • Android application
  • iOS application

White label

Flexible solutionsShow details

Print or custom solutions
    If you want to print publication or have customized solutions contact us for more information
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