Features of interactive publications

Basic features

Professional editors

Enhance your publication with interactive elements and list of chapters using online editors.

Interactive content and chapters

Enrich your publication with videos, photo galleries, links, files, comments and chapters.

Configurable viewer

Configure publication viewer and allow readers to download or print your issue.

Social and website sharing

Share your publication on most popular social media or place it on your own website.

Search engine optimization

Top search engines index your publication to acquire a vast quantity of new and interested readers.

Multi-user account

Create multiple users in a single account for managing publications.

Limited statistics

Watch general numerical statistics of your publication.

Premium features

Basic features

All features from Basic plan.

Privacy settings

Choose between public and private publication that can be visible or not in search.

Access settings

Determine access to publication as payable or donate and earn on your issue.

Advanced statistics

Watch detailed statistics of your publication: visits, geo-locations, devices, operating systems.

Business features

Premium features

All features from Premium plan.

Android application

Distribute your publication on Android platform.

iOS application

Distribute your publication on iOS platform.

Custom solutions


Print publication in professional offset printing.

Custom features

Enhance your account with customized features.


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